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  • Why are the prices of lace wigs different?
  • area of lace wig
  • Lace wig hair texture
  • Lace wig hair cap material
  • Lace material for lace wigs
  • How much do I need to pay for a lace wig?
  • What is Afterpay wigs

Why are the prices of lace wigs different?

Lace wigs are divided into lace front wig, 360 lace wig, full lace wig. Have you ever noticed that although they all belong to lace wigs, the price is very different? What is the reason for this price difference? Today I will introduce you to four factors that determine human hair lace wigs.

1. The area of ​​the lace wig

Basically, all lace wigs follow this formula: the larger the lace area the lace wig has, the more expensive the lace wig will be. To understand this formula, we must first understand how a lace wig is constructed. Simply understood, a lace wig consists of two parts.

The first part is the hair cap. The hair cap mainly plays the role of wrapping in the lace wig, which can stabilize the wig on your head. The inside of the cap contains multiple clips that hold your hair so that the lace wig won’t get blown out by the wind. The outer side of the cap is sewn layer by layer with a hair drape for a natural hair style.

The second part is the most essential part of the lace wig, that is, the lace hair block. Lace hair blocks are lace squares with embroidered hair. Artisans sew individual hairs onto the lace mesh through specially made hooks. In this process, the craftsman’s experience and technology directly determine the final effect of the lace hair block. If it is a lace hair block sewn by a wig maker, then the lace hair block will be very natural, and there is almost no knot at the junction of the lace and the hair. This top-quality lace hair block does not require bleaching lace. If it’s an ordinary artisan-sewn block, the lace block may have noticeable knots and require bleaching. All in all, this process cannot be achieved by machines and must be done by humans. Therefore, the larger the area of ​​lace, the higher the labor cost. This is why the more lace area, the more expensive the lace wigs are.

Lastly, you can think the same, closure wigs are the cheapest lace wigs. Lace front wigs are moderately priced. 360 frontal lace wigs will be a bit more expensive. full lace wigs are the most expensive and versatile lace wigs

2. The hair quality of the lace wig

Different lace wigs have different prices. Lace wig hair quality also has a very obvious impact on the price of lace wigs. Generally speaking, the price of synthetic lace wigs will be lower than the price of human hair wigs. Because synthetic hair is made of plastic and cannot be maintained with products such as conditioners and hair oils, synthetic hair has a very limited lifespan. Human hair wigs, on the other hand, can be maintained with a variety of products to extend their lifespan. In terms of the environmental resistance of human hair wigs and synthetic fiber wigs, human hair wigs are also more resistant to friction, bending, and heating than synthetic fiber wigs. That’s why so many people recommend human hair wigs over synthetic wigs. In addition, in human hair wigs, there are also classifications of hair quality grades. Generally speaking, only 100% human virgin hair is the most precious.

3. Hair cap material for lace wig

Some lower-priced lace wigs use rougher materials to create the wig cap. The biggest disadvantage of this kind of hair cap of average quality is that it is not breathable and may cause greater wear and tear to the native hair. Therefore, when choosing a lace wig, you must pay attention to the material of the cap of the lace wig. If you can, I recommend choosing a silk cap. This hair cap is cool, breathable, and very soft, especially for people with sensitive scalps.

4. Lace material for lace wigs

In the world of lace wigs, the material of lace is also different. The price of ordinary lace wigs is the cheapest. The price of HD lace wigs will be a notch more expensive than ordinary lace. The most luxurious ones should be undetectable lace wigs. The lace materials of the three kinds of lace wigs are different, and the wearing experience and overall effect are also different. HD lace wigs, if selected properly, will blend in the color of the lace mesh surface with the skin tone, thus presenting a natural and flawless visual effect. In contrast, Undetectable lace wigs are so thin that the vision cannot capture the existence of lace. This is why undetectable lace wigs always look transparent.

How much do I need to pay for a lace wig?

The price of lace wigs is affected by many factors. If you buy from offline, it may be more expensive. If you buy online, the price will be relatively less. This is determined by the operating costs of wig merchants. It is not difficult to guess that operators of offline stores need to pay store rent and staff salaries, so the price of wigs is often higher. And if you buy a lace wig online, you can get a high-quality lace wig for about $200 to $300.

What is Afterpay wigs

Although buying lace wigs online is a more sensible and money-saving choice, there are still many people who think that buying lace wigs online is a risky behavior. In order to address the concerns of these customers, some high-quality online wig suppliers have withdrawn from the “afterpay wigs” type of wigs. You can buy afterpay wigs online without paying your bank card. You can take the wig home and try it out for a while. If you like this wig, then you go to pay. If you don’t think this wig is right for you, you can return it and you won’t have to pay. Afterpay wigs successfully reduces the risk of customers buying wigs they don’t like, providing customers with a more comfortable shopping experience.

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