Beyond this, children and adults share most of the identical symptoms. Some folks might experience one or several signs more than another individual. Your physique is combating onerous towards the influenza virus, so you have to give it loads of downtime. These coefficients are based on assumptions of what number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths they consider went unreported. All eligible children may receive the flu vaccine that’s appropriate for their age and health status, primarily based on licensed indications.

All additionally adults ought to obtain the flu vaccine yearly; that is particularly important for adults who reside in the same family as someone who has a high danger for flu problems or who care for children under the age of 5. Your pediatrician may help resolve whether or to not treat the flu with an antiviral medication. Antiviral medicines work best if started inside the first 1 to 2 days of showing signs of the flu. However, in some children with increased threat for influenza issues, treatment could possibly be started later.

Flu: Fatigue Can Last for Weeks


far lower than the numbers generally repeated by public officials and even public well being consultants. In the fantastic print, the CDC’s flu numbers also include pneumonia deaths. It’s attainable to get the flu after receiving the flu shot should you come into contact with different strains of the virus. Even then, it’s doubtless your signs shall be much less severe than when you hadn’t had the vaccine at all. This is as a result of different strains of flu virus share frequent elements (known as cross-safety), which signifies that the flu vaccine is ready to work against them, too.

Do your half to forestall the spread of the virus to different individuals. If you’re identified, alert anybody you came into contact with on the day before your symptoms appeared. Many individuals are contagious and might unfold the virus as early as a day before they show symptoms. In different phrases, you might be sharing the virus earlier than you even understand that you just’re sick.

  • But you could be contaminated with the flu any time of the 12 months.
  • They can also have a runny or stuffy nostril, body aches, a headache, chills, fatigue, vomiting, or diarrhea.
  • The incubation interval is the time between publicity to the virus and symptoms of sickness.
  • The common cold and the flu may seem very similar at first.
  • Your signs will usually show up 2 to three days after you’ve got been contaminated, so you may not know you are sick if you first get the virus.


As these kids may have extra severe illness or complications, they should be vaccinated and, when possible, keep away from other children with the flu or flu-like symptoms. Their pediatrician might counsel additional precautions that must be taken.

Some folks with influenza might expertise nausea and vomiting while they’re sick. The “24-hour flu” is a common an infection that has nothing to do with influenza, regardless of sharing a reputation. The 24-hour flu is brought on by a genus of viruses called norovirus.


Doctors and researchers determine which strains of the virus might be commonest each year. A flu vaccine is among the best and handiest ways to stop a flu infection.