Rights of Children and Parents Based on Civil Law Perspective

According to Leon Duguit; The law is the rule of conduct of members of the community, rules paternity establishment whose power to use at a certain time is heeded by society as a guarantee of the common interest and which if violated provokes a joint reaction to the person who committed the violation.

In contrast to Immanuel Kant’s View; The law is the entire condition under which the free will of one person can conform to the free will of the other, obeying the rule of law concerning liberty.

On this occasion the Author before explaining about the ”RIGHTS OF PARENTS BASED ON CIVIL LAW. The term ”civil law” (private Recht) is often used as the term ”public law”. what is meant by civil law is a set/rule of law that regulates acts or relationships between people / legal entities for the benefit of the public/wider society.

The sources of …

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Four myths about hair extensions

This article is for everyone to take such a serious and radical step as hair extensions. I am writing about what I know and will share my personal experiences.

I extended my hair using the capsule hot method. Let’s briefly cover the scary and scary myths about hair extensions.

Myth 1: The capsules clinging to the wrong strands are seriously damaging their own hair. Nonsense, since the capsule itself is made of keratin and everyone also knows our own hair, a minimum of damage is done.

Myth 2: After renewals, I will buy expensive hair care cosmetics.
This is how sales technology works, and not only in beauty salons, for example when buying a mobile phone, a good salesperson is sure to offer you something else. So, here you are offered all kinds of shampoos, balms and combs that are completely unnecessary.

Myth 3: If I pull …

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Benefits of Having a Blu-Ray or DVD Player

If you enjoy watching movies or TV shows, then you likely have one or more streaming services. Does that mean you should just toss out all those DVD and Blu-ray discs you’ve collected over the years? Turns out that there are several benefits to keeping them around.


One of the clearest reasons to maintain a DVD or Blu-ray player is that you own the movies you have purchased. When you buy something that is streaming you get a digital license, but it may not be around forever – especially if the service you are using goes down. Having the physical disc with the movie on it means you can keep your favorites intact and always at your fingertips.

Internet Connection (or Not)

Don’t you hate it when the frame freezes and you are stuck watching the spinning circle at the climax of your movie? Depending on where you live …

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