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Benefits of Having a Blu-Ray or DVD Player

If you enjoy watching movies or TV shows, then you likely have one or more streaming services. Does that mean you should just toss out all those DVD and Blu-ray discs you’ve collected over the years? Turns out that there are several benefits to keeping them around.


One of the clearest reasons to maintain a DVD or Blu-ray player is that you own the movies you have purchased. When you buy something that is streaming you get a digital license, but it may not be around forever – especially if the service you are using goes down. Having the physical disc with the movie on it means you can keep your favorites intact and always at your fingertips.

Internet Connection (or Not)

Don’t you hate it when the frame freezes and you are stuck watching the spinning circle at the climax of your movie? Depending on where you live and how much you pay for service, you may have a great internet service or one that is pretty flaky. If you use DVDs or Blu-ray discs, you won’t have that problem. In fact, even if it is just a backup player for times when the internet goes down, you’ll be happy you have it. You may want to look into using RF power dividers if you need to split the signal from your player to the amplifier or vice versa.


While streaming is a convenient way to watch movies, if you haven’t watched a Blu-ray movie for a while, you may not realize what you are missing in terms of quality. Both audio and video content play at a much higher quality than anything that is streamed. This is because of the compression the file undergoes in order to stream properly from your service provider. If quality is important, stick with Blu-ray.

The bottom line is that there are several good reasons to hang onto your Blu-rays and DVDs. You’ll be glad you did next time your internet goes down.